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Oneworld Alliance Frequent Flyer Program Manual 2 How to Check Award Tickets

No one search engine in the oneworld can find all the partners’ tickets. In general, the following three search engines are recommended:

AA.com can search American, British Airways, Qantas, Finnair, Royal Jordanian and Airberlin

Qantas.com searches for Airberlin, American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, LAN, Royal Jordanian and Srilankan

Ba.com can search Airberlin, American, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN, TAM, Malaysia, Qantas, Qatar and Srilankan.

Although BA is the engine that can search for the most partners, our first choice is still AA.The advantage of AA is that the interface is simple, easy to use, and can be utilized without registration and landing. In particular, the spread of Economy/Business/First Class can be displayed for one month at a time. More importantly, there will be no non-existent award tickets on the AA website. As long as you can find them, the ticket must be fixed.

Therefore, for the partners that AA can search for, the use of the AA website is preferred.

Qantas.com, Qantas.com, is the best choice for Cathay Pacific, Iberia and LAN that AA can’t search for.
Qantas’ weaknesses are:
1. Need to register and log in to use;
2. Occasionally, there will be an “illusion” award ticket, which cannot be reserved. However, Qantas can also supply three cabins in one month at the same time, which is very helpful for the search of mileage tickets.

If you want to search for other partners that you can’t find, use the BA engine.

BA needs to register an account. Each search needs to be logged in first. It is more likely to have a ticket that does not exist. In addition, its biggest weakness is that it can only be seen day by day to see the availability of mileage tickets, far less convenient than AA and Qantas. Moreover, the search results for multi-targets are very poor, so in many cases, only one paragraph can be searched.

Oneworld Alliance Frequent Flyer Program Manual 1 Introduction

One World is an international airline alliance officially established on February 1, 1999. It is sponsored by five large international airlines in different countries. Its member airlines and their subordinate airlines also enjoy the flight, ticketing, code sharing , passengers’ pick-up, Flying frequent flyer program, airport VIP room and down payment, etc.

American Airlines or American Airlines, referred to as American Airlines. American Airlines is one of the most famous airlines in the United States. Flights operated by American Airlines, American Eagle Airlines, and AmericanConnection throughout the United States, as well as flights to Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, Japan, China, and India. American Airlines is a founding member of oneworld.
Key: Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Miami International Airport, St. Louis Lambert International Airport, San Juan International Airport, other key cities: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Jose
Frequent flyer program: AAdvantage Admirals Club
IATA code: AA

British Airways is also known as British Airways, or British Airways. British Airways is the oldest airline in the UK and one of the world’s largest international air passenger transport companies. After British Airways, British Mediterranean Airways, Comair, Loganair, and Sun Air, they are collected on a global route. British Airways is a pioneering member of oneworld.
Key: London Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Manchester International Airport
Frequent flyer program Executive Club
IATA code: BA

Cathay Pacific is based in Hong Kong International Airport and is Hong Kong’s premier international airline, supplying routes in Asia and on six continents. Cathay Pacific’s subsidiary Dragonair (IATA: KA) routes are collected from all over Asia, with the opening of China’s local routes as the primary market. Cathay Pacific Airways is the premier shareholder of Hong Kong Huamin Airlines Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Air China is a full-cargo airline that provides regular cargo services in Asia. Cathay Pacific is a pioneering member of oneworld.
Key: Hong Kong International Airport, key cities, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, New Bangkok International Airport, Narita International Airport
Frequent flyer program: Marco Polo Club
IATA code: CX

Finnair is Finland’s largest airline. Finnair and its subsidiaries arrange Finnish domestic and international air transport markets.
Key: Helsinki Vantaa International Airport
Frequent flyer program Finnair Plus
IATA code: AY

The Iberia Airlines of Spain is known as the Spanish Iberia Airlines. Iberia Airlines is the largest airline in Spain. Together with its affiliated Air Nostrum, it has an international aviation service based at Madrid International Airport and Barcelona International Airport.
Key: Madrid International Airport, Barcelona International Airport, other key cities: Seville Airport, Los Rodeos Airport, Alicante Airport
Frequent flyer program Iberia Plus
IATA code: IB

Japan Airlines is the full name of Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., which is referred to as Japan Airlines or JAL, and is one of the largest airlines in Japan. Japan Airlines, along with its affiliated JALways, JAL Express, J-Air, and Japan Transocean Air (JTA) routes, has been extended to Asia, Europe, North America, and Brazil. , Australia, Guam.
Key: Narita International Airport, Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport (Idan)
Frequent flyer program JAL Mileage Bank
IATA code: JL

LAN Airlines (formerly LAN Chile) is the national airline of Chile and one of the largest airlines in South America. Together with the subsidiaries of Argentina (LAN Argentina), Ecuador (LAN Ecuador) and Peru (LAN Peru), there are major cities in South America along Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Oceania.
Key: San Diego International Airport, key city Lima International Airport
Frequent flyer program LANPASS
IATA code: LA

Hungarian Airlines (Malév) is the national airline of Hungary. The work is concentrated in Central and Eastern Europe.
Key: Budapest Ferihegy International Airport
Frequent flyer program Duna Club
IATA code: MA

Qantas is referred to as Qantas. It is Australia’s largest and oldest airline. Qantas and its affiliated QantasLink and JetConnect routes cover Oceania and extend to Southeast Asia, East Asia, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Canada, and South Africa. Qantas is a pioneering member of oneworld.
Key: Kingsford Airport, Melbourne International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport,
Other key cities Brisbane International Airport, Pace International Airport, Adelaide International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport
Frequent flyer program Qantas Frequent Flyer
IATA code: QF

Royal Jordanian Airlines is an airline headquartered in Amman, Jordan. Its international routes cover four continents. Royal Jordanian Airlines is the first Middle Eastern airline to join the Global Airline Alliance.
Base: Queen Amway International Airport, Amman
Frequent flyer program Royal Club
IATA code: RJ

Siberia Airlines Siberia Airlines, also known as “S7 Airlines”, is a Russian airline with headquarters in Moscow (Domodedovo Airport), Novosibirsk and Irkutsk.
Russia’s Siberian Airlines (S7 Airlines) officially announced its participation in the oneworld alliance on November 15, 2010. Globus, a subsidiary of S7 Airlines (Siberia Airlines), will also join the alliance as a subordinate member.
Frequent flyer program: join S7 Priority
IATA code: S7

Mexicana Airlines Mexicana Airlines is the second largest international airline, operating in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, South America and Europe, in addition to domestic operations.
Its primary key is Mexico City International Airport, and then Cancun International Airport and the international airport in Guadalajara.
IATA code: MX

Qatar Airways Qatar Airways (Arabic: القطرية) is an international airline headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It is the state-owned airline of Qatar and was established in 1993. The parent company is the Qatar Airways Group. Qatar Airways is a member of the Arab Aviation Association.
It has the Doha International Airport in Qatar as its primary base and has opened routes to 70 international cities around the world.
Base: Doha International Airport
Frequent Flyer Program: Qatar Airline Discount Club
IATA code: QR