Star Alliance Frequent Flyer Program Manual 2 How to Check Award Tickets

In the same league, you can use miles to redeem flights on an airline, and the website you use to check the mileage ticket has nothing to do with the mileage you use. For example, if you want to use Aerosports to set a ticket, you don’t need to check the ticket on United’s website. Since the distribution of mileage tickets within the alliance is shared, as long as you can find the mileage ticket for a flight in another company, you can book it through United. Therefore, we must select a search engine with powerful search function and simple interface. The following is a brief introduction to the master.

United Airlines Search Engine

Within the Star Alliance, the preferred engine for querying mileage tickets is the official website of UA.
The characteristics of this website are:
1. Easy to use, can be used indirectly without registration;
2. The interface is simple, and the import of the mileage ticket is on the front page;
3. You can check the Star Alliance tickets for most of the airlines, except Singapore Airlines, Polish Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and some Thai Airways;
4. The mileage ticket for Economy Class/Business Class/First Class within two months can be displayed once in a calendar.
In most cases, the search engine using UA is sufficient.

Air Canada’s search engine

The advantages of Air Canada are manifested in two ways:
First, you can search for almost all Star Alliance flights, including those that UA can’t query;
The second is to do a better job of multi-target query, which can provide you with a more stable search experience and more choices.
But there are also disadvantages:
First of all, because you need to register an Air Canada account, and each major login can be used;
Secondly, Air Canada’s results are not like the UA’s ability to show the spread of the three-class mileage ticket within two months at a time. It can only appear for two weeks at a time, and the economy/business class is separated, so it’s intuitive and Ease of use is not as good as UA.
It is more appropriate to find specific airline tickets, such as Singapore Airlines, Polish Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and some slightly more complicated routes.

ANA search engine

The biggest advantage of ANA is that it can show the mileage tickets left by each Star Alliance flight. If the ANA does not find the ticket, it is almost gone.
However, the shortcoming of ANA is that it needs to register an ANA account and log in. The interface is extremely rough, and it can only show 7 days at a time. More importantly, it is extremely lacking for multi-target query. Therefore, ANA is more suitable to find mileage tickets for a period of time.

In addition, Lufthansa’s search engine is only useful in one situation: using Lufthansa to book Lufthansa or Swiss Air’s first class.

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