Skyteam Alliance Frequent Flyer Program Manual 2 How to Check Award Tickets

The query of the SkyTeam Awards ticket is rather confusing. There is no way to find the mileage tickets of all members. The following two search engines are recommended:

Delta Airline Search Engine

After Delta’s engine, you can search for flights including some SkyTeam and non-confederation partners: Mexican Airlines, Air France, Alaska Airlines, Alitalia, Hawaiian Airlines, KLM, Korean Air Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia.

The advantage is: it is more convenient to use, no need to log in account. You can find the mileage ticket on the homepage, and you can see the mileage ticket for two months at a time.

Air France search engine

It is very inconvenient to register and log in. Air France can show miles for some partners: Delta, KLM, Alitalia, Czech Airlines and Kenya Airways

When using the mileage ticket search, check the “Flexible Date” to show the distribution of mileage tickets for one month at a time.

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