InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) Frequent Flyer Program Manual 4 Let Your Points Never Expire

We know that the terms of the intercontinental frequent flyer program regarding the expiration of points are: if there are no changes to the points over 12 months, all the points in the account will expire. Here are a few of the simplest ways to ensure the validity of the points, and the points never expire.

1. Stay in Intercontinental chain hotels

Stay in the lowest grade brand in the Intercontinental Group for 12 months, such as Holiday Inn Express, especially when staying at IHG, and receive additional points.

2. Use points to redeem room

You can use 10,000 points to change a minimum grade redemption room within 12 months and then cancel your reservation before the date you want to check in. However, if the IHG group wants to review it, it is easy to seal the number.

3. Online shopping

IHG also has a point mall, you can redeem some items with points.

4. Redeem digital awards

It is very similar to the point mall, but the required points can be the least.

5. Points pruchase

If you need it, you can take advantage of the sales promotion.

6. Redeem gift card

Similar to online shopping, just replace the goods with gift cards for retail stores and restaurants. IHG pages in different countries should be able to see different businesses, and there are still many choices. However, the price/performance ratio must not be cost-effective.

7. Charitable donations

If the point donation is converted into money, it is really not much. But if you want to show your love and want to let the points expire, this is also a good choice. The minimum point donation is 2,500 points.

8. Redeem flight miles

You can use IHG points to redeem miles for cooperative airlines.

9. Booking by partner

For example, when you rent a car in Hertz, you can get the IHG membership number, you can get up to 35% discount, and you can get additional points.

10. Points transfer

If you have to transfer points, you will need to charge 5 US dollars for every 1000 points.

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